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Morocco Marrakech Expeditions - excursions in Morocco.  Experience the Imperial Cities, Atlantic Coast, Atlas Mountains, Roman Ruins, and Wineries.

We pride ourselves in crafting custom tours to delight every type traveler. 

Our excursions  and private tours can be tailored to any size of group and down to parties of one. 


Creating life long memories

sahara desert

Have you seen a desert sky and its carpet of stars?  How about catching a view of a shooting star? Our 3-8 day tours of Morocco's Sahara Desert and its Toureg tribesmen and desert villages.  Our tour is perfect for those wanting to be highly active or for those wishing to spend time capturing the stunning sights on camera.

Atlas Mountains

Mountains day trips where we have hiking and walking tours to suit most fitness levels and sightseeing desires. Our tour guides are currently in love with the Ourika Valley and Siti fatima, which is 70 kilometer south of Marrakech. In winter, we can visit the ski station and in spring, summer and autumn, we can take you on exquisite trails that lead to waterfalls and glorious mountain views.
Creating Lifelong Memories 
We know how precious your holidays are and want only the very best for each of our tourists. We pride ourselves on crafting custom tours to delight every type of traveler.

Our excursions can be in groups and parties of any size or can be private tours for one or two. 

IMperial Tours

You love the cities? We love the cities. We have 3, 7, 10 and 14-day Morocco Marrakech expeditions in Morocco.  Personalized tours to the Imperial Cities of Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes and Fes with their ancient history, architecture and culture. On these tours you can shop, dine, and play in the finest and most historic locations.

YOUR EXPERIENCE is Our focus  

Our Excursions

Travel Packages   Morocco Marrakech expeditions

Day Trips From Marrakech,  Atlas Mountains, Essaouira.  Explore the Sahara Desert, Imperial Cities, Atlantic Coast, Roman Ruins & wineries.  Tours of Morocco.


what others are saying:

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted so warmly by Fayal for our onward stay in a riad in Dar El Bach.  On our short journey into Marrakech he explained some sites, and, if we needed any help, he was just a call away.  Well that was it for us, we made great use of his services from a quick trip to our sauna to a trip out to Ourika Valley.  Nothing was too much trouble and you were always greeted punctually and with a smile!  Our holiday was so relaxing knowing that getting around with Faycal was easy and enjoyable.  If you need a tfr from the airport or trips out and about then Faycal is the person to call.

Mike Graham, UK

September 2014

From the moment we arrived at the airport in Marrakech, our guide, Faycal, took care of every detail and question we had.  He made us feel so comfortable with everything.   Our tour went off flawlessly.  We wanted to experience the local sights, crafts and culture  in each area we visited on our 8 day tour.  Faycal was an excellent host sharing "his Morocco" with us. 

Becki - March 2014

Pasadena, California

My trip to Morocco was filled with wonderful scenic stops, diverse experiences and delicious food.  We went to the Atlas Mountains, the Atlantic Coast, The ruins at Volubilis and up to the Imperial Cities.   Faycal shared his amazing Morocco with us.  It was such a great trip!  I highly recommend him. 

Karen - March 2014

Fort Worth, Texas

atlantic coast

Day trips to the coastal cities of Essaouira, Casablanca and Agadir.  Miles of golden sand beaches, argan trees, fishing ports, wineries and villages.  Experience the seafood and wine of the region. 

We offer you an educational and thrilling journey above some of Morocco’s most scenic destinations. Tours offered include a combination of various locations.


"From the moment we arrived at the airport in Marrakech, our guide took care of all of our details and questions.  We so felt comfortable .  Our tour went off flawlessly. We wanted to experience the local sights, crafts, food and culture in each area we visited on our 8 day tour.  Faycal was an excellent host sharing his Morocco with us."

~ Becki
March 2014

tour Morocco Marrakech